February 23-25, 2022

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Pobedy Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

Road map


Clima Fest Ukraine is the 4rd  international exhibition in Ukraine for professionals and specialists in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and air cleaning.

The exhibition “Clima Fest Ukraine” is an opportunity to create a professional platform for large and well-known manufacturers of HVAC equipment with the goal of delivering the most technical information about equipment and innovations to Ukrainian specialists as well as to unite all the best industry experts.

Our main task is to gather all professionals and develop the “climate” market according to global trends. Our entire program focuses on the demonstration of technology, improving staff skills and the implementation of new approaches in the development of the climate market. Focusing only on professionals has already successfully established itself in the “Install Fest” format on the heating and water supply market, and also in last year`s Clima Fest!

Clima Fest is designed only for professionals!


Convenient dates. Convenient dates – February 23 – 25! These are the most necessary exhibition dates for the climate market, as this event takes place before the season, and many climate professionals have free time to take part in our program!

Separate event. Clima Fest Ukraine is a professional separate event, only for professionals of the climate market, where all industry participants will be able to meet annually for presentation of new products, meetings with partners, equipment demonstrations to specialists and installers, etc. This professional event is necessary for Ukraine and, as market participants say: “We needed it!”

Practical rich program. Clima Fest Ukraine will be built on the methods of organizing practical expositions for professionals. This technique has successfully established itself in the pro-format of the festival “Install Fest” (heating, water supply), where everything is built up in practice, presentations, competitions, workshops, etc. Thus, integrating such techniques on Clima Fest Ukraine, we are giving a good impetus for new vectors in the development of the climate market!

Delivery of visitors. Clima Fest Ukraine – we are developing the concept of regional delivery of visitors and professionals to Clima Fest! This is our unique technology, and we will bring visitors from the regions. We do not wait for someone to come to us, we gather specialists from every city of Ukraine and bring them to the festival by organized groups. Similarly, we have already brought several thousand specialists to “Install Fest” and here we will also carry groups of professionals from the regions. It is on the development of the regions that we emphasize, since regional specialists cannot always attend specialized exhibitions!

Training and development of specialists. Clima Fest Ukraine is a platform where professional training of technical specialists of the climate market will be held annually. In recent years, there is a migration of qualified specialists to Europe, and in Ukraine there is a large shortage of specialists: installers, assemblers, service engineers, designers, etc. New professionals are needed in the Ukrainian market. Therefore, Clima Fest Ukraine assumes the function of training Ukrainian professionals in the “climate” and the development of young professionals so that qualified professionals work in all regions of the country!