February 23-25, 2022

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Pobedy Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

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Rules for prize drawing

Prize Draw Rules for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Specialist


The organizer “Expo Group International” prepared a unique surprise for all visitors of the international exhibition Clima Fest Ukraine – drawing of professional tools and prizes, as well study tours to European factories and trips to the world profiled exhibitions with a group from organizers

For the company it is already a tradition to draw prizes, which are specially selected for professional use!

The rules, under which the prizes will be raffled, are developed and approved with the support of Ukrainian Association of Installers.


Rules for participating in professional prizes raffling!

To take part in the prize drawing, you must necessarily be a registered visitor of Clima Fest Ukraine and comply with the mandatory conditions of these rules! Professional installers are invited to the drawing able to fulfil all conditions of the rules!

To take part in the drawing, you must:

Compulsory program:

This test is prepared to check your knowledge of basics installation, as well as general principles of work with equipment for air conditioning – Test for Air Conditioning Specialist!

This test will consist of 20 randomly generated questions on the computer. You must answer correctly for at least 17 questions. The general list of 200 questions used in the tests will be published 1 month in advance before the start of Clima Fest 2022, as well as in the guidebooks of the festival. If you fail the test, you can try again, but thus you have to get to the back of the line. Number of attempts of retaking the test is unlimited!

The list of questions is provided by technical representatives of the championship sponsors, as well as by specialists from “Ukrainian Association of Installers”.


After passing the test, it is necessary to put marks on a special sheet (“quest-list”), which will be issued upon registration, and to fulfil the following conditions:




The stamp is also put:

– for participation in the 5th Championship on Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems.

Specialists who participated in these competitions fulfil the conditions for collecting marks 2 times less. That is, instead of 10 master-classes they need to pass 5. Similarly, instead of 3 practical workshops, they need to listen to 2.


The marks on the master-classes are green brand logos.

The marks on the workshops are blue brand logos.

The marks on the competitions of the Exhibition are red stamps.



It is necessary to bring the “quest-list” with marks to the registration desk of Clima Fest 2022, which is located at the entrance of the exhibition hall. The representative of the organizers is obliged to check the accuracy of marks. If all marks are put correctly, the participant fills in the contact information (full name, city and contact phone number) on the sheet and then puts the sheet with marks into the lottery machine installed at the registration desk.


Prize drawing will take place on February 25, 2022 at 16.00 on the main stage of Clima Fest Ukraine!

A ticket will be drawn from the lottery machine, which will determine the participant of Clima Fest Ukraine, who will win the professional prize. It is not necessary to be in place. The participant will receive a call to the mobile phone from the stage of the Exhibition.

Regular prizes will be drawn without the need for the presence of the winner and sent to his city at the post office. And expensive prizes will be drawn only among those present in the hall. If the participant, whose ticket was drawn, is absent, then the next quest-list will be drawn from the lottery drum until the winner is determined.

Trips to manufacturers’ factories and organized groups abroad will be drawn only among the participants of the championship – Air Battle 2021. In this case, the participants of the drawing do not need to be in the hall, since the winner, whose “quest-list” was drawn out during the drawing, will be called from the stage to the phone number, which is indicated in the “quest-list”. If no one answers the phone call within 3 attempts, the next “quest-list” from the lottery will be pulled out until the winner is determined.

It is also imperative that the winner has a biometric passport for the trip within 2 weeks.

If within 2 weeks the winners who won the trip will not be able to send scanned copies of their foreign passports. The trip of the one who did not send the passport will be cancelled.


ATTENTION! If the marks on the “quest-list” do not match the colours, types of logos or locations, the participant will be disqualified and his ticket will be cancelled!

Restriction to participation!

Persons under 18 are restricted to participate in the drawing. Also, eligible employees of companies involved in the international exhibition  – Clima Fest Ukraine 2022 cannot participate in the drawing.


Only visitors! In case the applicant for winning a prize is identified as an employee of one of the participants, the winning will be cancelled and the drawing will be repeated!

The organizers reserve the right to suspend any of the possible applicants for participation in the drawing of the prizes, if the participant:

– is an employee or representative of any of the companies participating in Clima Fest;

– is not a professional air-conditioning installer/specialist, but is engaged in other professions that are not related to the subject of the Exhibition;

– was under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

– shows inadequate and disrespectful behaviour towards other visitors of the Exhibition or the organizers staff.