February 23-25, 2022

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Pobedy Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

Road map

arrow-down Main program of the Exhibition

icon AIR BATTLE 2022

5th Championship of Ukraine on Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

Within the framework of Clima Fest 2021, the 5th Championship of Ukraine on Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems will be held – Air Conditioning Championship 2022. This is a professional tournament for installers of air conditioners, which will be held for 3 days during Clima Fest Ukraine 2022.

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Program of delivery of installers from the regions

Clima Bus is a program of organized buses with installers and other industry professionals from all regions of Ukraine. Within the framework of Сlima Fest Ukraine, the already developed method of collecting and bringing installers is used. It is planned to bring about 2500 specialists from the regions.

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Practical master-classes – «Profi» presentation

Practical master-class is a practical participation in the exhibition and the presentation of the goods on the stands for working with professionals. The program consists of a practical demonstration of products for visitors, installers and engineers. This program includes stands of the largest world manufacturers with real samples of their products.

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Demonstrative master-classes on the stage

Install Clima Show is a stage in a separate area of the exhibition pavilion where “public master-classes” will take place. The stage for the master-classes will be located in the most visited area. The demonstration is held in the format – “Show your goods”! These “public master-classes” are the demonstration of their equipment so that all visitors can see it.

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Computer testing

Test Zone – Computer testing – checking for the qualifications of specialists on the knowledge of the basic equipment. Test Zone Conditioning 2022 is a professional testing with the help of a special program on the knowledge of the basics of installation, as well as the general principles of working with equipment for air conditioning, ventilation and climate automation.

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Practical workshops

Practical workshops are the program that consists exclusively of practical workshops of the best-known brands in the industry. Workshops will be held in one place, in a conference room, one after the other according to the schedule.
During Clima Fest Ukraine 2022 a program of practical workshops in the conference hall of the exhibition centre will be implemented.

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arrow-down Exhibition entertainment program


Rules for prize drawing

For all visitors of the international exhibition Clima Fest Ukraine, the organizers have prepared a unique surprise – drawing of professional prizes for the best visitors, as well as study tours to the top-brand factories. To take part in the prize drawing, you must be a registered visitor of Clima Fest Ukraine and follow the obligatory conditions of the drawing rules during the festival!

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Recreation and entertainment hall

Recreation and entertainment hall is a dedicated area in the exhibition pavilion, which will be filled with entertainment (gaming centres, competition areas, a lot of food courts, as well as a stage for musical performances). The entertainment zone is a place to relax, “when a professional is tired of work and study, and he has the opportunity to sit and relax”!

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