February 23-25, 2022

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Pobedy Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

Road map


Computer testing

Test Zone – Computer testing – is checking the qualification of installers for knowledge of the basic installation.

Test Zone Conditioning 2022 is professional testing with the help of a special program for knowledge of the basic installation, as well as general principles of working with air conditioning equipment, ventilation and climate automation.

TEST for the air conditioning specialist at Clima Fest 2022 will consist of 200 questions.

Each test will consist of 20 questions randomly generated in one ticket. It is necessary to correctly answer at least 17 questions. A general list of questions will be published 1 month before the start of the exhibition.

P.S. The program is built in such a way as the state examination at the Traffic Police for obtaining a driver’s license!

 Test Zone at Clima Fest Ukraine is confirmation of your qualification!

We are waiting for everyone at Clima Fest Ukraine!