February 23-25, 2022

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Pobedy Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

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Program of delivery of installers from the regions

The Clima Bus is the program of organized bus routes of about 2500 installers from all regions of Ukraine for participation in the Exhibition program.

Clima Bus is a program of organized buses with installers and other industry professionals from all regions of Ukraine. We are the authors of such programs for 12 years at specialized exhibitions. Within the framework of Сlima Fest Ukraine, the already developed method of collecting and bringing installers is used.

1500 specialists are the organized groups of installers, managers and other pros who, having previously contacted the organizers will be able to get together on bus routes from their city from the Ukrainian Association of Installers.

1000 installers are planned to be brought with the support of the program “Regional Partners” – in 27 largest cities of Ukraine through regional dealers.

The core of the program is to provide opportunities for regional specialists together with an organized group from their city to visit any of the days of Clima Fest Ukraine exhibition.

The program is organized for professionals from the regions, so that they can visit the exhibition, present their city at all professional competitions, as well as relax at the professional exhibition for air conditioning and ventilation professionals Clima Fest!

Bus transfers are organized through Clima Fest Ukraine regional partners, as well as by “quotas” of places for specialists invited by exhibitors. These partners are provided with support and assistance in attending the event, assistance in organizing and all necessary information support to ensure that the trip organization is at a high level!

If you have our partner in your city, please contact him regarding the trip, and you are guaranteed to be with us on February 23-25, 2022 at Clima Fest Ukraine!

Also, free buses from the organizers will be organized from many cities. A week before the start, the schedule by city will be published. In order to get on the bus, you need to call and book a seat.

Also, the exhibition may be attended independently by private groups of specialists. These groups should be required to register online on the website before February 22, 2022.

 On the issue of regional partnership and issues of transfers form organizers for groups of installers, please contact the organizers.

Sergey Roh – sergeynrog@gmail.com  +380 67 325 31 90

The actual free transfer schedule of Clima Fest Ukraine 2022 will be published on: February 11, 2022.

We are waiting for everyone at Clima Fest Ukraine!