February 23-25, 2022

Kiev, Acco International, EC
40-B Pobedy Avenue, Shulyavska metro station

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Practical master-classes – «Profi» presentation

Practical master-classes are the practical participation in the exhibition and the presentation of the goods on the stands for working with professionals. The program consists of a practical demonstration of products for installers and assemblers.

This program contains stands of the world’s largest manufacturers with real samples of their products. Within the framework of our exhibitionl, it is based solely on the practical part of the study of the products. We draw the attention of the exhibition participants to the fact that it is necessary for the installer to present the products on the basis of providing them with the opportunity to do sample tests at the stands, to participate in master classes and tests.

It is this principle that the presentation of equipment at the stands of participants is based on.

Only at our festival we provide the installer with an opportunity to test the participant’s products at each stand: to dismantle, assemble, test, check for strength, etc. Each manufacturer will have his own ideas, how to practically show his products. Gaming contests and competitions are possible.

At each stand, the participants have to organize their exhibition zone in such a way that it has maximum tests of product samples, the presence of technical specialists of the manufacturing plant is mandatory.

We do this to ensure that the installer or designer who visited the Exhibition is able to get maximum information and learn about important product features. This is not the concept of the exhibition; it is the concept of tests at the stand with the aim to practically study the products.

In total we offer 3 types of master classes at the stands of our participants: